Mongolian Cashmere

SAMI SARI LTD is specialized in manufacturing Made in Mongolia OEM/ODM cashmere products for brands and retailers.
  • Mongolian cashmere is the best possible quality cashmere in the world.
  • Production of cashmere in Mongolia is around 80% of the worlds cashmere productions.
  • Growth plans? Mongolian cashmere is the only path to achieve success.

Our Services

Production & Design of Cashmere Products in Mongolia.
Suits, Cardigans, Sweaters, Jackets, Dresses, Pillows and much more. You name it. We create it in Mongolia.
Production & Design of Cashmere Products in Mongolia.

Manufacturing services

Mongolian factories supply the world greatest brands cashmere productions already due to the quality of the fabrics and effort put in it by factory crew.
Our Vision? European style bonusses to make their hard work get paid off.

Mongolian Cashmere

Mongolian Cashmere is the best quality in the world.

OEM Cashmere

We can brand existing designs with your private label.

ODM Cashmere

How about a brand new design specially create for your label?

Cashmere Textiles

Cashmere textile and much more as Camel or Yak wool.

Cashmere Yarns

Do you need Yarns with 100+ different colors?